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How do I know if an on-line Inventory Free Pop-Up store is right for me?


How do I know if an on-line Company Store is right for me?

The biggest difference between an Inventory Free Pop-Up store and a Company store is the ability to leave the store open indefinitely and fulfill orders on an as needed basis.  In order to make this work, we will need you to commit to upfront inventory to support the projected sales of your store.   There may also be some additional fees and will require a much more focused and detailed development and execution timeline.  You will need to ask you and your team some upfront questions to ensure this is the most successful direction for your store;    


1. How many total members or employees would this store be reaching?     

2. How much per year would you estimate each member or employee will purchase from this store?     

3. How much total gross sales would you estimate this store to generate?

4.  How much inventory would you be willing to maintain to ensure the success of the store?


If you are unsure, no problem, we will do our best to guide you through these answers.  From here, we can determine how many items we should offer, target an appropriate product inventory and pricing plan and then estimate what the store return would be.  With this information, we can then give you our recommendation on what your store should look like, to yield the best results.  If an on-line store may not be successful, we will work to offer you some additional solutions for your apparel or novelty needs.     

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